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The US economy has been doing great lately, especially after some good announcements on Thursday and Friday. As a result, the Dollar is climbing and investor expect that the growth in...

29-09-2014 Hits:1823 world wide information

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Although its been a rough week for the stock market, it seemed to have recovered on Friday. Thursday was a particularly bad day for the stock market, so its natural for...

27-09-2014 Hits:1642 world wide information

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The dollar is doing great lately, rising for 11 straight weeks. It’s especially strong against the yen but didn’t change much against the euro. This is the dollar’s longest climb since...

26-09-2014 Hits:1698 world wide information

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It’s been discovered that the iPhone 6 Plus has a very bendable aluminum frame. The frame can bend while in your pocket and permanently change its structure. The news has caused...

25-09-2014 Hits:2357 world wide information

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Investors have low expectation of the Chinese market, which seems to affect the Chinese oil price. The oil price has been dropping for a while in what seems to be...

24-09-2014 Hits:1636 world wide information

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There are several reason for the drop we recently see in US stocks. The 2 main reasons are: Oil prices are pushing the energy stocks to go down and the Chinese...

23-09-2014 Hits:1609 world wide information

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Stocks were higher Friday with the Dow and S&P 500 jumping further into record territory as investors await the first trade of Alibaba in one of the biggest U.S. IPOs...

22-09-2014 Hits:1584 world wide information

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With the vote for Scotland’s independence finally out, the market reacted accordingly. The vote was won with a 55% of the people voting “No” and 45% voting “Yes”. The pound was...

19-09-2014 Hits:1599 world wide information

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On Friday’s morning, the results of Scotland’s independence vote will be final. This important decision will have major implications on the pound and oil shares. In case of a “yes” result...

18-09-2014 Hits:2706 world wide information

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